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Come, walk the floors where countless have tread.

In the heart of Big Valley, PA sits the village of Menno. This tiny town was formed in the early 1800’s and named after Menno Simons, an Anabaptist religious leader whose  followers became known as the Mennonites. Today, the community is more commonly know as Whitehall. (Legend has it the name originates from a long hallway in a local rooming house).

The Whitehall General Store offers an authentic country store experience.This establishment opened in 1822 and has consistently served the locals and visitors for the last 200 years. We honor the store’s legacy and look to a long and successful future. 


We are working hard to maintain the character and integrity of the store. Although changes have occurred, some things remain; the old hardwood floors, the original double doors and counters. Our goal is to provide quality products and a pleasant buying experience for you. We purposely support a variety of community organizations and carry goods from small family-owned businesses.  We believe that when local businesses thrive, it makes for a vibrant local community.

-- Andrew & Alicia Zook

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